Glorify God Every Day
        Rocks, Stones, Boulders

Oversized                             With a rock face over 15 inches wide, these stones accommodate large text, long paragraphs,                                                                           and/or a vast array of artwork. Our design team will help you select the height, shape and color                                                                         that best suits your design and placement. Oversized stones are ideal for monuments that must be                                                                     legible from a distance, remain in place permanently, or show a lot of text. We recommend them                                                                       for:
                                                                                                                Memorials & monuments
                                                                                                                Corporate signs
                                                                                                                Address markers
                                                                                                                Porch stones
                                                                                                                Trail & back road signs     

Extra Large
12-15 inches = $120.00
1-18 words with art options

Large Stone
9-12 inches = $95.00
1-15 words with art options

Medium Stone
7-9 inches = $70.00
1-8 words with art options

Small Stone
5-7 inches = $45.00
1-7 words with art

Paperweight Stone
3-5 inches = $20.00
1-4 words with art

Tiny Stone
2-3 inches = $15.00
1 word or 1 design 
Over 15 inches = $150 & up
1-20 words with art options
You can put large text or art
Up to 15 inches wide, our extra-large stones are perfect for displaying a bold statement, a wordy message, or very ornate artwork. This size makes a strong but subdued impression for any home, shop or retreat. Welcome visitors or show off your family pride. Our design team will help you select the height, shape and color that best suits your art and text. Extra-large stones are popular for:
                                                                                                                      Family memorials
                                                                                                                      Family Names
                                                                                                                     Garden stones
                                                                                                                     Address markers

Sized to 12 inches wide, our large stones are very versatile. They are big enough to display various combinations of artwork and text, yet can still be conveniently moved from one resting place to another. Make a statement, share a memory, or have some fun. We can help you select the height, shape and color for any design, any setting. May we suggest:                    Quips & quotes
                                                                                                Pet memorials
                                                                                               Porch & entry

Available up to 9 inches wide, medium stones are compact enough to enjoy indoors our out, yet large enough to etch with quotes, names, funny quips, quick reminders, religious symbols, drawings, etc.  Medium stones complement a patio, office or fireplace. Choose from our huge collection of graphics or draw your own. Enjoy these stones anywhere:

Our 7-inch rocks are small but showy additions to tight spaces. Set one on the desktop, bookshelf or window sill. Or, group them into a pleasing stone-garden. Small stones come in many forms and colors. Show off short sayings or favorite graphics, or remind of a loved one or pet. These are quite fitting for everyday settings. Here are more ideas:                             Fossil replicas
                                                                                         Religious symbols
                                                                                         Sports logos    

Our favorite use of 5-inch stones is the stone-garden of names or thoughts. Decorate with the monikers of Daddy's Troublemakers, give Grandma her own Garden of Grandchildren, or remind yourself to Live, Laugh, Love. Stand-alone paperweights are both fun and functional as desk or shelf accents. Use them to promote destinations, companies or services.                 Name paperweights
                                                                                          Name gardens
                                                                                          Corporate identity

Measuring 2 to 3 inches, tiny stones are enjoyable little expressions of yourself. Display a single design or word, or group them together in sand for a subtle but decorative zen effect.  Available in many colors, tiny stones can be a lot of fun in the right setting: